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Video One - Assemble Your Team: "How should I invest in the future as far as money market and CDs are concerned? How stable are the banks going to be? How stable is the American dollar going to be compared to Europe and Eastern Asia?"



Video Two - Budgeting: "How do I begin to budget?"



Video Three - Investing: "What percentage should I put in the market? What percentage should I save and how much should I keep liquid?"



Video Four - Lowering Your Taxes: "I am very interested in learning how to lower taxes, which are going to get very brutal."



Video Five - Your Financial Fingerprint: "I would like to know what you as a professional invest in."




Video Six - Tools For Parents: "What tools can you give our kids so that they’re really prepared as adults financially; or what tools you can give us parents?"



Video Seven - Retirement: "I’d like to know realistically how much should I be saving if I really want to retire and live in luxury retirement, not just ‘sitting-around-playing-cards-retirement,’ at 65 where I could still travel, buy things and still know that I have a good nest egg?"



Video Eight - Is It Too Late: "My parents didn't teach me what I needed to know, which is why I'm not in better shape. What do I do now?"