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About the Book

Who is this book for?


Life’s most powerful lessons are often its most simple. Lessons to My Children are just that: 11 simple life lessons for financial success, wealth and abundance.  Whether you’re an adult looking ot get back on track, a parent hoping to share these lessons with your children, or a young adult taking your fist steps down your financial path, Lessons to My Children will give you the easy tools, knowledge, and strategies to:


- Live with total control over your expenses

- Limit your debt

- Develop a savings and investment plan

- Demand a higher pay or find a better job

- And relax knowing your money is working for you and your future


Whether you are just starting out or just starting over, you can reorganize, reprioritize, and reclaim your financial life and control where your money is going…and growing.

Lessons to My Children is for anyone looking for the simple secrets and healthy habits that lead to financial success, wealth and abundance.  Use this book to put yourself – and your future – back on track, or use these Lessons to give a young person the financial head start he or she needs to live a lifetime of financial freedom.

Simple. Easy to read. Easy to use.  Lessons to My Children is the financial advice every parent should give their children…and the wisdom children of all ages should follow!


Lessons to My Children: Simple Life Lessons for Financial Success, Wealth and Abundance

By I. Mark Cohen and Weston D. Burnett

ISBN: 978-09802118-7-0

On Sale: June 2010

$24.95; 192 p; 5 ¼” X 8 ¼”